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DUTY: Namibia Premier Football League (NFPL) director Mabos Vries. PHOTO: NAMPA

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NPFL considers crowd greenlight

05/19/21 | Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

The Namibia Premier Football League is weighing its options on whether to allow some spectators into the stadiums after the end of May.

As it stands, government regulations allow only 100 people per gathering under the coronavirus state of emergency rules.Empty stadiums during matches have become the norm worldwide to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Namibia’s transitional league, which kicked off in April, has been no exception.NPFL director Mabos Vries has however hinted at allowing a few spectators, provided that the next state of emergency address eases some of the restrictions.“We were looking at getting fans into the stadium because we know about the important role they play.“It still is difficult at the moment to allow them in with only 100 people allowed per gathering.“The moment you say a 100 people can come, you might have 200 at the gate or even more and that is why we need to find ways to handle this matter in a manner that will not create any overcrowding or stampede at the stadiums.“We will however consider the fans once the gatherings are increased to 200 people,” Vries said.“I believe the head of state is due to give another address at the end of this month and that will indicate the way forward for us,” Vries added.Missing adrenalineFor many footballers, playing without spectators was something beyond their wildest dreams.

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