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Make football an irresistible product

04/26/21 | Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

Namibian football can become a very expensive brand if the right tools are used to market the game. There has been so much talk about how commercialised football has become in other parts of the world

A close example is our neighbour South Africa which has been marketing the game so well, with players, teams and coaches making millions of dollars.

Players earn big bucks, while broadcasting companies also get their fair share, in places where the game has been commercialised and made professional.

That is why it has become a dream of many African children to play in Europe or Asia because of the money and exposure they get.

This is not because the game is more attractive there; it is because it has people who makes it attractive.

Namibia Media Holdings' step to bring the game to computer screens was just the beginning of bigger things to come for Namibian football if corporate Namibia can utilise this opportunity to make themselves visible in the world of football.

Yes, it is a costly exercise but it is an exercise worth so much more as it can help many players accomplish their dreams of playing professional football one day.

Not only is this broadcast being watched in Namibia, but the world is watching and that is already putting Namibian football on the map.

The fact that we had so many people glued to their screens for the live broadcast speaks volumes of the value that the game brings.

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